Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Sydney’s EQ – The Entertainment Quotient

If someone writes the biography for Hugh Jackman, Mel Gibson or Cate Blanchett, what’s the one thing that would be common? It’s the city of Sydney. These three actors along with many other famous names in Entertainment industry have Sydney as their birthplace, a place where they lived or the place where they worked. There are many reasons Sydney is famous for and entertainment is one of them.

If we tell you to imagine Sydney right now, what will the first picture that pops up? Is it a sail-like designed building surrounded by water? Of course, this is the picture that comes to most of our minds thanks to the picture and movies. This picture actually is of Sydney’s Opera House. The Opera house is the biggest example of Sydney’s entertainment quotient. The house has annually more than 1500 performances and successfully attracts over a million tourists.

Apart from the Opera house, a theatre is the giant source of entertainment too. There are many famous theatres in the city like The Capitol Theatre, Theatre Royal, The Wharf theatre, State Theatre and most famous of all the Sydney Theatre. Sydney theatre is the place where Academy Award-winning actress Cate Blanchett had beginning works in the entertainment industry. Apart from that Sydney had been a shooting location for many successful movies like Mission Impossible 2, The Matrix and the Great Gatsby. In fact, the city itself has been a major film producer until the 1920s.
To summarise it, Sydney is a pleasant option if you’re planning for a good vacation with family in Australia. For more information about Sydney in general or its Real estate matters keep visiting Jackie Waterhouse’s blog.

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