Saturday, 31 December 2016

Say hello to the New Year, welcome 2017 with warmness

Hey folks,

I hope you all are doing great and we all know that this year is about to end within sometime, so, let’s recall everything for a while. You all know that I have discussed a lot about the family issues and partner issues but today I want to share some of my feelings with you. Friends, in our life we become weak many times and just realize that we need to give up as we can’t move further any more towards our destination, this thing often happens with many.

Our dreams are the plot of destination and our work is the firm brick that combines with other bricks and make our destination house but we all lose hope several times and the destination dream is left incomplete. This New Year make a solemn promise to yourself that you will not give up at all, hardly matters how disturbing and fierce the situation is you will not give up at all. Promise yourself that you will not think that your work is belittled because that will aid you in reaching at your destination.

So, take this oath friend and keep on moving, never let yourself feel down and keep yourself calm and composed, when your hurdles scares you. Be positive towards your aim and just try excelling in your work, once you excel in your work the success will be behind you. So, friends A Very Happy New Year to you and stay blessed. 

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Child Abuse

Today, I want to talk about a very sensitive topic and that is the child abuse and molestation. When it comes to home, people say that their children are always safe at home but friends its nothing like that. Most of the children are very unsafe at home. I don't say that every home is having the unsafe children but I would definitely say that out of 10 homes in 7 homes the children are unsafe.

Nobody say that I have committed a crime and its very hard for any parent to predict, who can commit this crime but friends, in a recent survey it was found that the relatives and the people with who we are close are the only people, who go for committing such crime. This crime not only destroys a Childs life but also make the child to grow up with a fear.

Most importantly, what you have to do is to make open forum in front of your children about the sexual information. We also need to tell the children about the good and the bad touch. Allow then to be outspoken about such activities because most often it was found that children hesitate to talk about such things to their parents. They don't wish to share about such things and they get in cob web of this brutal act.

So, if you are really careful about this topic then just talk to your children and make them aware about it. Also, persuade the children that they should be frank with you, so that they don't hesitate to talk about this thing.

Before this New Year arrive just make your children comfortable enough with you.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

How to conquer yourself?

What I want to say with The main problem in today’s world is the competition that is no healthier at all. Everyone is in fast pace, in fast pace to achieve something, in fast pace to achieve the goals, in fast pace to get something, in fast pace... well the fast pace term doesn’t have any end.

These lines that we all are so much indulge in the work to achieve something that we have forgotten to conquer ourselves. We are now, no more behind our dreams, we are just running from it because we fear the failure and doesn’t want to face the situation, when we fail. It’s the bitter truth that we all know, we are so much scared of the failure that we have forgotten that this is not us, who is following the trend of earning high, we have just become like an animal, which just follow the rest, which is not at all good. Why we fear failure, why don't we think that the amount we are earning, we deserve more than this and even can go for it; once we follow our passion.
Life is neither so big nor so small, so never think that the time has gone and you can’t conquer yourself. Every morning brings the positive energy, so feel it, as the sun rises everyday rise like it, enlighten the world with your impeccable thoughts and work and always shine like star. Never ever think it’s too late because it’s too late.    

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Finish the feud.... start again.....

We all require some or the other person in our life every time. I mean nobody loves to live alone at all because in the world we all require someone, who can cherish us, who can be careful for us, then one who can really understand us but what happens when we find such person in our life?

We talk, we spend time, we cherish and we love and after a prolong period, we get irritated. It’s the worldly fact. Why these small feuds take the place of love in our lives? Why the fight between the two become so important that, one decides to leave...

Don't you all think that this thing needs to be stopped? After all one can’t bear a limited patience, we all are humans not god but being a human we have got the two important things and that are our heart and mind. Our heart generates the feelings and mind slowly and gradually follows the instructions made. So, let this time again, let your heart generates the feelings and allow your mind to follow it as before the year ends, let yourself not to remain alone and bring back your love partner.    

Nothing is impossibly, just forget whatever happened and form this firm determination that you will bring your love back again in your life. Don't think of failing, just keep the positive desire in your heart and try all your levels to bring back the one, who can cherish your whole life. Go for the refresh start before the beginning of the year.

Friday, 2 December 2016

What Happens When Disputes Comes

What happens often that we feel our relationship will not last long anymore? Have we ever wondered our slight negligence can make our young and dear ones to stay away from us? In the proceeding and developing life, we all are busy, quite busy, isn’t it? On the stage of life, we all are performers, who plays different roles at various moments, sometimes we are brother and sister, sometimes Mom and Dad, sometimes a friends and sometimes… the word sometimes doesn’t have any end then why we see end of many relations? Can we predict the fact behind this ordeal weather? Can we imagine ourselves sitting in one place calmly and in composed manner and thinking the reason behind our broken relationship? I guess no, in the busy slated life, no one is so free to think about their mistakes and also to reconcile. Which is always leading to loneliness and insecurity? Why we don’t we sit for a moment to correct everything, are we such a coward, who doesn’t wish to admit its mistakes and wants to stay alone? Are we?

Is it that our insensitivity is making us to stay apart from our loved ones, if yes then the time has now arrived to knock the door of meditation. Try to meet the counsellors, talk to them share your problem and find the correct suggestion. Many times these small disputes in family give birth to great fissures, so don't let this thing come to your life. Just seek for the help because none of us love to stay alone.