Saturday, 31 December 2016

Say hello to the New Year, welcome 2017 with warmness

Hey folks,

I hope you all are doing great and we all know that this year is about to end within sometime, so, let’s recall everything for a while. You all know that I have discussed a lot about the family issues and partner issues but today I want to share some of my feelings with you. Friends, in our life we become weak many times and just realize that we need to give up as we can’t move further any more towards our destination, this thing often happens with many.

Our dreams are the plot of destination and our work is the firm brick that combines with other bricks and make our destination house but we all lose hope several times and the destination dream is left incomplete. This New Year make a solemn promise to yourself that you will not give up at all, hardly matters how disturbing and fierce the situation is you will not give up at all. Promise yourself that you will not think that your work is belittled because that will aid you in reaching at your destination.

So, take this oath friend and keep on moving, never let yourself feel down and keep yourself calm and composed, when your hurdles scares you. Be positive towards your aim and just try excelling in your work, once you excel in your work the success will be behind you. So, friends A Very Happy New Year to you and stay blessed. 

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Child Abuse

Today, I want to talk about a very sensitive topic and that is the child abuse and molestation. When it comes to home, people say that their children are always safe at home but friends its nothing like that. Most of the children are very unsafe at home. I don't say that every home is having the unsafe children but I would definitely say that out of 10 homes in 7 homes the children are unsafe.

Nobody say that I have committed a crime and its very hard for any parent to predict, who can commit this crime but friends, in a recent survey it was found that the relatives and the people with who we are close are the only people, who go for committing such crime. This crime not only destroys a Childs life but also make the child to grow up with a fear.

Most importantly, what you have to do is to make open forum in front of your children about the sexual information. We also need to tell the children about the good and the bad touch. Allow then to be outspoken about such activities because most often it was found that children hesitate to talk about such things to their parents. They don't wish to share about such things and they get in cob web of this brutal act.

So, if you are really careful about this topic then just talk to your children and make them aware about it. Also, persuade the children that they should be frank with you, so that they don't hesitate to talk about this thing.

Before this New Year arrive just make your children comfortable enough with you.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

How to conquer yourself?

What I want to say with The main problem in today’s world is the competition that is no healthier at all. Everyone is in fast pace, in fast pace to achieve something, in fast pace to achieve the goals, in fast pace to get something, in fast pace... well the fast pace term doesn’t have any end.

These lines that we all are so much indulge in the work to achieve something that we have forgotten to conquer ourselves. We are now, no more behind our dreams, we are just running from it because we fear the failure and doesn’t want to face the situation, when we fail. It’s the bitter truth that we all know, we are so much scared of the failure that we have forgotten that this is not us, who is following the trend of earning high, we have just become like an animal, which just follow the rest, which is not at all good. Why we fear failure, why don't we think that the amount we are earning, we deserve more than this and even can go for it; once we follow our passion.
Life is neither so big nor so small, so never think that the time has gone and you can’t conquer yourself. Every morning brings the positive energy, so feel it, as the sun rises everyday rise like it, enlighten the world with your impeccable thoughts and work and always shine like star. Never ever think it’s too late because it’s too late.    

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Finish the feud.... start again.....

We all require some or the other person in our life every time. I mean nobody loves to live alone at all because in the world we all require someone, who can cherish us, who can be careful for us, then one who can really understand us but what happens when we find such person in our life?

We talk, we spend time, we cherish and we love and after a prolong period, we get irritated. It’s the worldly fact. Why these small feuds take the place of love in our lives? Why the fight between the two become so important that, one decides to leave...

Don't you all think that this thing needs to be stopped? After all one can’t bear a limited patience, we all are humans not god but being a human we have got the two important things and that are our heart and mind. Our heart generates the feelings and mind slowly and gradually follows the instructions made. So, let this time again, let your heart generates the feelings and allow your mind to follow it as before the year ends, let yourself not to remain alone and bring back your love partner.    

Nothing is impossibly, just forget whatever happened and form this firm determination that you will bring your love back again in your life. Don't think of failing, just keep the positive desire in your heart and try all your levels to bring back the one, who can cherish your whole life. Go for the refresh start before the beginning of the year.

Friday, 2 December 2016

What Happens When Disputes Comes

What happens often that we feel our relationship will not last long anymore? Have we ever wondered our slight negligence can make our young and dear ones to stay away from us? In the proceeding and developing life, we all are busy, quite busy, isn’t it? On the stage of life, we all are performers, who plays different roles at various moments, sometimes we are brother and sister, sometimes Mom and Dad, sometimes a friends and sometimes… the word sometimes doesn’t have any end then why we see end of many relations? Can we predict the fact behind this ordeal weather? Can we imagine ourselves sitting in one place calmly and in composed manner and thinking the reason behind our broken relationship? I guess no, in the busy slated life, no one is so free to think about their mistakes and also to reconcile. Which is always leading to loneliness and insecurity? Why we don’t we sit for a moment to correct everything, are we such a coward, who doesn’t wish to admit its mistakes and wants to stay alone? Are we?

Is it that our insensitivity is making us to stay apart from our loved ones, if yes then the time has now arrived to knock the door of meditation. Try to meet the counsellors, talk to them share your problem and find the correct suggestion. Many times these small disputes in family give birth to great fissures, so don't let this thing come to your life. Just seek for the help because none of us love to stay alone.

Friday, 25 November 2016

How to build up trust in the teenagers?

How to build up trust in the teenagers?

As being the parents, we always try our best to protect our children from some vicious and bad things but in the present time, is it the only thing you need to do?

Actually no. if you really want to be close and feel interactive with your children, you need to build up their trust in you that you are there with them all the time, no matter how worse the situation is but you are there with them. Although, parents provide necessary things to their children but there are few thing which is to be taken care while bringing them up.

In the teenage, the children feel alone many times, they feel that no one is there to understand them, which is a sign of lacking confidence and trust in their parents. They feel dejected, which is a very bad symbol for any parents.

In the contemporary world, you can't even imagine how many corners; your child can get affected. The internet is such a behemoth that can destroy or can make the life on any individual; simply implying the two faces of the coin.

Most importantly, when children feel alone, they want comfort and warmness from you and when they don't get both the things, they imply that they can't rely on you anymore.

So, what steps you can take to save your child?

If you seriously want to save your child then just abolish the word "IF" from your life. This word has already destroyed many lives, and no one knows who could be next.

Avoid this word from your world, be friendly with your child, and don't make them feel alone; always persuade them as a friend and share their feelings. Build up confidence and boost morale in them, these few simple and small steps will keep your child close to you and as well as safe.

Friday, 18 November 2016

The Sydney's Zoo Celebrates First Puggle Births In Decades

The Taronga Zoo of Sydney is celebrating its first baby echidnas, or puggles as they are better known, in almost 30 years.
The beautiful three babies had hatched from their eggs in August; but the mainly keepers wanted to see them growing before going to public.
"Echidnas are notoriously difficult to breed in human care, but keepers are pleased with the progress of the tiny trio," the zoo said.
Now, the puggles have opened their eyes and are developing the spines characteristic of their species, which feels that how slowly and gradually they get connected to their spices.

Though they have not been given the names by the keepers but are also not expected to leave their burrows until the early next year. Till then they will be mostly sleeping.
The zoo has already built a special nursery burrows to house the arrivals as it is the part of its new echidna-breeding facility.
The smallest and the cutest puggle currently weighs about 250g (9oz).
The Echidnas are the one of only two Australian mammals that lay eggs (the other is the duck-billed platypus).
The baby echidnas hatches after 10 days and are carried around by their mothers in a pouch-like skin fold for up to two months. After that they are placed in their burrows, with their mother returning to feed them daily or every few days.The three new born puggles have different mothers. The youngest puggle was born to mother Pitpa, who was the last echidna born at Taronga in 1987.
Well, this beautiful news possibly will excite many animal lovers to arrive at Zoo to see these infants.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Industrial Real Estate

Industrial property is used for industrial purposes.  It sounds simple, but it comes in all shapes and sizes and covers a huge range of business types.

Industrial properties can generally be broken down into three sizes: small, large and enormous.

Small industrial sites include single or double-storey buildings zoned for industrial use. These often have flexible interior space, usually a mix of warehouse and office space. ‘Flex’ spaces are used by small businesses such as mechanics, research laboratories and start-ups.

Large industrial properties include medium to large warehouses and factories that are designed to manufacture or store goods. They include distribution companies such as third party logistics (3PLs).

On the larger end of the scale are the ‘big box’ industrial spaces. These enormous industrial spaces are used as logistics and distribution centers that hold and then distribute finished goods to stores and/or directly to customers.  If you think of the type of warehouse Amazon would have, you will get the idea.

Higher rents = higher yields

One of the attractive aspects of investing in industrial property is the higher rental incomes and yields (the annual return on investment) they offer.

Industrial property is usually valued in relation to the square meters available and can offer yields of 8%, compared to say just 4%-5% on a house.

Another advantage is that most industrial leases include fixed annual price increases, which are often linked to CPI.

Longer Leases

Industrial tenants are usually willing to sign long lease agreements (up to 10 years in some cases) that provide investors with much greater security than a typical residential lease. 




Sunday, 6 November 2016



A key challenge in the fashion industry is bridging the gap from production to procurements. A group of 24 Greek fashion and accessories designers and brands are presently reducing that distance by unveiling their summer 2017 offerings to a previously uncharted market – as far as their work goes – Australia.

The medium being used is the Greek Style Council, a podium for presenting and encouraging Greek designers in Australia, and the first action is a pop-up, wholesale showroom which unbolted at La Porte Space’s premises in Sydney on October 17. The ambitious project is the brainchild of Helen Tirekidis. A second-generation Greek-Australian, Tirekidis has originated a long way in Australia’s fashion industry, holding positions at several luxury houses including Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake, Longchamp and Giorgio Armani.

“It was clear to me for a long time that there was astonishing talent in Greece and I was always a little frustrated that this was little known [in Australia],” said Tirekidis in an exclusive interview. “For years, I always heard about the state of the economy, the doom and gloom. But what was bizarre to me was that there was not much talk about what was really going right in Greece. The real trigger for me was that I observed the correlation between the downturn in the economy and a super-fast upsurge in creativity.”

The Australian market has made huge jumps forward in fashion in recent decades – a relative desert in terms of luxury brands in the late 1970s, the country now hosts the gamut of high-end designer stores as well as familiar fast-fashion chains.

According to Tirekidis, Australian consumers (the country’s population is nearly 24.5 million) are great explorers who follow shopping developments in Europe closely, while the local industry has now taken its strategies into cyberspace. Does this new wave of Greek creativity have what it takes to content the desires of today’s clients who, according to FashionUnited, spend 28.5 billion Australian dollars annually on clothes and footwear?

“I feel we are moving into a new era, one which is focused more on emerging designers,” said Tirekidis. “There is a glut of extravagance brands and fast fashion and not much focused on the in-between ‘new, innovative emerging talent’ per se. I sense that for customers who appreciate fashion, it’s increasingly about having something that not everyone has and that is well crafted at the same time.”

A few days prior to the pop-up venture’s opening, Tirekidis was already in discussions with The Iconic, Australia’s largest online store, while, along with buyers, representatives from print media outlets as well as bloggers and influencers were expected to become acquainted with the designers and brands on view.

Buying an Affordable House in Australia, Particular for the First-time Buyers is Simple?

Buying an affordable house in Australia, particular for the first-time buyers is simple?

How long can it take for a couple or a single person to deposit the money for their first home? If we consider the couples, then possibly, they might take 2.8 years to gather their fund for the 10% deposit in Australian territory and when they firmly fix 20% deposit then they need to wait for 4.9 years.

Whereas, when we talk about a single person, then probably they would take 4.5 years to save for the first 10% deposit or 8.4 years to go for 20% deposit. These are the precise round figure and hopefully, the assumption regarding the price won't change.

The median property price is basically taken from CORE LOGIC RP data, from 1st march till the end of May 2016. The income levels and the median property price do vary; the cost of property in NSW and in the state is quite high.

The brainstorming analysis has shown that the biggest trouble for the first-time buyers is that they need to save about 20% from their average salary, defined by the Australian Bureau Statistics.

Apart from this the first time buyers also need to take care about the Stamp duty, which is another common cost.

I feel that the major problem is the pretty rapid house price growth that has emerged up from last 4years. So, if you are planning to afford a house in NSW, then you might need to wait for a little longer period as there no royal road to get it.

The singles earning average salary may take a longer period than the couple's deposit when compared. So, being a couple or with the group of people or with family can easily fulfill your dream to afford a house at the high pace.

So, you can see both the faces of the coin. Now, it's up to your wish that how you would make the adjustments for your dream nest.      


Friday, 4 November 2016


Lower interest rates and a sturdy local economy push Sydney’s median house price to $1,068,303, while Melbourne prices attain $773,669.

Median house prices in Sydney and Melbourne have hit all-time highs and are expected to keep rising for the remaining year, new property figures show.

Domain chief economist Andrew Wilson believed lower interest rates and a strong local economy had fuelled house price growth in Sydney, while unit prices also sustained to rise regardless of new construction.

 “A relative shortage of listings and amplified interest from investors will continue to drive price growth in these capitals for the remainder of 2016.”

This has seen a number of property owners make hundreds of thousands of dollars by flipping properties purchased in the past few years.
It has also pushed home ownership further out of reach of first-time buyers. And experts say this is likely to get even tougher with more price growth on the horizon.Despite efforts to cool the property market, Sydney house prices have run away yet again, growing at their strongest rate in over a year. 
“A lot of the price growth is due to the local Asian market, where there are still buyers willing to pay top price … there’s also not a lot of stock,” said Mr. Levitan.
He pointed to a boost in supply and a tightening in the guidelines for lenders as what will see property prices grow at lower levels than those seen in 2014 and 2015.

New guidelines from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority unconfined on Monday need lenders to ensure borrowers are able to afford repayments on a 7 percent interest rate when assessing whether they’re eligible for a loan. This means somebody buying a median priced house would need to be able to pay $6040 a month on a 25-year loan. Assuming they had a 20 per cent deposit.

Saturday, 22 October 2016


The Sydney weekend auction market resumes on Saturday following last weekend’s break in activity due to the Easter holiday break. Only 56 auctions were listed last Saturday with a reported clearance rate of 76.6 per cent.

Sydney recorded a boost in the auction clearance rate of 78.8 per cent at the weekend, which was elevated than the previous Saturday’s 76.6 per cent, but again well enough to beat the record of the same weekend last year which was 70 per cent.
Although arising as a good result for sellers, Saturday’s rate was to some extent down on the levels recorded over the past two months, which have established an 80 per cent+ benchmark on most weekends.
The Sydney auction market continues to produce deviating results with inner-suburban, higher-priced regions recording strong results compared to outer suburban areas – particularly to the west of the city where results continue to be subdued.
Lower mortgage rates have been a key catalyst in the rise of the late winter, early spring market, following official rate cuts in May and August.

Auction activity in Sydney will keep on rising through to the Queen’s Birthday holiday break in June, which will signal the beginning of the quieter winter auction market. Although auction listings are well below last year’s results at the same time, inner suburban clearance rates remain hopeful for sellers. However, weaker buyer activity is set to remain in lower-priced outer suburbs to the west, reflecting falling investor activity and recent strong prices growth subduing the market.

Friday, 14 October 2016


Thousands of residents of Sydney, Australia came on streets to protect against the lockout laws introduced by the state government. They carried funny posters supporting the demolition of the law on demand of the people. They marched united with decorative posters with proud and for a purpose.

The huge protest came just two days after anti-lock out law campaigners #KeepSydneyOpen released a report stating that since the introduction of the 1:30 a.m. curfew on entering bars, pubs, and clubs in the city, alcohol-fuelled assaults are increasing — rather than decreasing, as lawmakers would hope.

Opponents say the laws are killing off the city’s nightlife with venues being forced to close and hundreds of jobs disappearing along with it.

"It's been an absolutely fantastic day and not only are we protesting the lockout laws and fighting for a better Sydney that stays open late and is more diverse and inclusive but we’re also showing Sydney’s best version of itself," says Tyson Koh, founder of Keep Sydney Open campaign.

“The lockout laws have seen Sydney’s nightlife leached away while the violence and aggressive atmosphere has just spread to other areas,”

The government requires central Sydney venues to turn people away from 1.30am, serve last drinks by 3am and ban the sale of takeaway alcohol after 10pm.
A number of measures were introduced following a number of one-punch deaths and assaults during alcohol-fuelled nights out.

Dr. Tony Sara told reporters in Sydney the number of victims of alcohol-related violence turning up at St Vincent’s Hospital had fallen by one-third since the laws were introduced.“All assaults have gone down by 32% and the number of severely injured persons has also gone down,” he said.

There have not been any deaths from alcohol-related violence or trauma since the lockouts, and there have only been three patients admitted to the intensive care unit for such violence, Sara claimed.

However, he said relaxing the laws for live music venues “could be a good idea” if proven effective through a small-scale trial.

The premier is already boomed the social media, with nearly 13,000 people commenting, mostly negatively, on his Facebook post in support of the government’s policy as the debate over the city’s nightlife grows increasingly heated.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Sydney: The Housing Bubble Trouble

Sydney: The Housing Bubble Trouble
Housing Bubble, one word that has been a headache for the Australian Real Estate market for quite a while now. The sharp increase in housing prices has affected the whole country and some cities seem to be more affected than the others. Furthermore, Sydney is the most risk-prone ones. Looking at the numbers, Sydney is currently one of the top four cities in the world that are most affected by the Housing Bubble trouble.
Experts say Sydney seems to have had an approximate 50 average percent increase in the house prices that are within the bubble risk zone. The city that was 4 years back somewhere near the bottom of the list of Asia-Pacific cities and has now managed to top the same.
Since 2012 the city has seen a sharp 45 percent increase in the prices. Though this year, the increase seems to be quite slow. Adding more to it, foreign investors, especially China have ignited the prices even more.

It’s a wave of global correction and Sydney seems to be sitting in the front row. The city has seen an increase of around 3.6 percent this year which seems slow for a year but at a cumulative view, this gets larger. The housing bubble seems to be not bursting anytime soon. As a matter of fact, not only Sydney but the whole Australian Real Estate Market seems to be facing the major blow and needs to handle the situation soon. For more information and updates about the same keep following us.

Monday, 26 September 2016


The top-reviewed hotels in Sydney are analyzed by the hotel class and then by user ratings, as provided by Jackie Waterhouse. Here you can find photos, information, and rates of the top hotels in Sydney.

·       1888 Hotel, Sydney -The hotel takes up a brilliant 19th-century barn that once preserved wool bundles and other important exports. You will enjoy homey beds, amazing service, and awesome breakfasts. It is within walking distance of Sydney's main destinations.

·       InterContinental Sydney -You cannot beat this hotel's address for closeness to all of Sydney’s most valuable sights and harbor views. The glorious façade holds the site's heritage. It was built in 1851 and was previously the treasury while the interiors are lavish and modern.

·       The Old Clare, Sydney -The Old Clare braids Dada-mosque interiors through the bricks of 2 heritage mansions, building a refuge of contemporary luxury. With 3 top restaurants inside the compound, along with a rooftop pool and bar, it may be named after an old bird but she has absolutely rumpling certain new feathers.

·       Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney - This triangular shaped sandstone mansion like a miniature Flatiron, was once the house of Australia’s earliest existing newspaper but the one thing hot off the press today is this 5-star hotel’s 12m facelift.

·       Four Seasons Sydney –An actual five-star hotel located in the focal point of Sydney’s traveler’s ward showcases uninterrupted displays of her top jewels, the harbor, the house and the bridge. The finest level of service, great dining, classic décor and a hippie whiskey bar calls for an already exciting deal.

Stay in any of the above hotels whenever you feel to pamper yourself with the finest level of experiences and luxury.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Things to do in Sydney in 24 hours

On the off chance that you just have 24 hours in Sydney then you better take advantage of it. Mulling over in the plane is better for you and don’t plan to rest until your feet abandon you. Check out this local itinerary for 24 hours starting 7 in the morning.

Out of the airplane, terminal bounce straight on a train to Circular Quay. Snatch an espresso and stroll around to the Opera House where you can take the obligatory photographs in front of the Harbor Bridge and Opera House. Thereafter, you can walk around Farm Cove through the Royal Botanic Gardens(don’t miss the cafes there) to Mrs. Macquarie's Chair.

Head back to Circular Quay and board a ferry to Balmain. Now look, DONOT skips the ferry ride if you only have 24 hours, this is the most memorable landscape mental picture you will ever take, click some real pictures to show around as well. Aside from phenomenal perspectives of the city's horizon, you may not be able to you get the chance to call attention to Luna Park, North Sydney, Kirribilli, Darling Harbor and Goat Island (for the poor you don’t have time); yet these must be appreciated from afar.

Once you've touched base in Balmain scramble toward Darling Street. Balmain is known for more than just food and restaurant. However rounding out your tummy is vital (for you will do a lot of scrambling around) so take your pick from the area's various bistros. If you have a sweet tooth you must check out Adriano Zumbo's Patisserie and Brioche Organic Bakery for a low GI, gluten free bake.

Now it’s time to window shopping! Mind you, by now it already would be afternoon overhead while you will be moving from Darling Street to meander around the side boulevards of Balmain taking in the noteworthy structures of one of Sydney's most seasoned sub-urbs.

Head to Gladstone Park and bounce on the 433 bus to Glebe. Work your way along Glebe Point Road towards Broadway, and stop in for an espresso at one of the numerous bistros en route. As one of the longest-serving and well loved, Badde Manors is dependable but it's regularly quite full. All things considered, there's Well Connected only two or three stores down or Clipper Cafe over the road, both of which are equally satisfying.

After the caffeine top-up head to the crosswise over Broadway to Victoria Park and into Sydney University. Snatch a few snaps before the clock tower and inside the quadrangle before heading down to Broadway to get a transport into the city.

Bounce off the transport at Haymarket and lose yourself in Chinatown. There are a lot of spots here where you can stop for lunch, yet you can set out toward the Eating World court, Sydney's rendition of an Asian market and there is a tremendous assortment of each cuisine. You want it, just name it.

You can now spend the left over money over shopping so lead yourself toQueen Victoria on George Street. Aside from being a great structure in itself, you can discover masters of design, workmanship, and gems and obviously, food and drinks while here.

Oh and never forget the beach. Head to Elizabeth Street and catch the 333 bus to BondiBeach.The ride will be full of wide eyes and oohs and aahs. Just keep your camera at ready.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Sydney: Fun things to do in Sydney on weekends

Weekends are always precious; 2 golden days without any liability and overflowing with possibilities. Fortunately, Sydney has got enough happening to ensure you do not spend the days indoors orgy-watching TV and instead explore absorbing art, new bars, and feasting yourself through food shops.

How can you enjoy the weekends in Sydney along with your family?
·       Take in the wonderful views while kayaking on Sydney Harbour. A double paddle-boat comes in at just $40 for one hour at Rose Bay Aquatic Hire.
·       Go back to the earlier times by discovering the abominable antiques of Goat Island's captive past.
·       Pamper yourself in a classic high tea for two at Vaucluse House Tearooms. For $45 per person, you will receive an amazing selection of tea, sweet and appetizing treats and sparkle wine.
·       Go for a walk along the astounding Bondi to Bronte bank, as it is free of cost.
·       Participate in a Ghost Tour of The Rocks. And beware the actual stories of hangings, murders, and hauntings.
·       Delve into the home and workplace of acclaimed Australian artist Brett Whiteley in Surry Hills.
·       Pick bikes at just $20 for an hour at Centennial Park.
·       Absorb the wonderful views at Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool at just $6 entry per head (adult).
·       Enjoy a budget-friendly and relaxing afternoon under the sun at Concord Bowling Club. Barefoot bowls there cost just $10 per person with bowling green access for four hours.
·       Surf lovers can visit Royal National Park's Garie Beach, popular for its swells and isolation. Car entry to the park is just $11.

So there are ample fun ways which are relaxing at the same time to make your weekends refreshing.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Sydney : 7 things to do in winter

Sydney : 7 things to do in winter
Australia is one of the cool places in the world where Christmas is hot and Fourth of July is cold. Famous for its summer Christmas and sweet winters let's check out 7 places to visit while you bask in the glory of white.

1. Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach Walk
Cold days and the sun, the ultimate combo. Take long walks from one beach to another and enjoy the winter.
2. Explore Newtown's Street Art
Winter in Sydney means events and exhibitions. Check some art out.
3. Shop at Paddy's Markets
Shopping. Who wouldn't love that?? Find yourself shopping at Paddy's where nothing is "not on sale"
4. Bar Hop your way through The Rocks
The rocks are picturesque. And more than that it is just the place to sit down with a cup of hot chocolate and looking at the horizon.
4. Spend a day in the Blue Mountains
Mountains and Cold, just my type of hangout.
6. Taronga Zoo
A zoo full of buzz year round, Taronga sees increased footfalls in winter as a huge number of people are out for it.
7. Chill out in the Botanic Gardens
Royal botanic gardens are famous. Immensely. Pack a lunch or just ask one of the top restaurants on the streets around Botanical Garden and sit squat in winter.
Awesome places, awesome mood. Head outside and put the muffs off. The Cold won't bother you anyway.

Monday, 29 August 2016

5 Best Restaurants in Sydney

Sydney, with the establishments that have become the face of modern Australia, has a whole range of food-orgasmic diners and we bring you the top 5

Budget friendly fine dining at automata is one of the top things about this extremely famous restaurant in Sydney. Rush to 5 Kensington Street, Chippendale, to indulge in amazing modern Australian at around $200 a couple.
Near the famous royal botanical gardens at, Bridge Street, Circular Quay, Bridge room is well loved by its clientele. An old building with a renovated structure, it's the perfect combination to raise the spirits of a food-enthusiast. Approximately priced at $150 for two, enjoy pocket-friendly modern Australian cuisine at the BridgeRoom.

Housed smack in the Sydney Opera House, Bennelong is a master of Australian cuisine and even offers gluten-free and vegan options. Open only at the noon and then the evening, it is the true statement of style in dining while approximating $290 a couple with alcohol.

The classiest restaurant in the city where only the entree is at $45 and caters to the lovers of European and Australian cuisine. Priced at $300 for two, dining at Est. Is at Level 1, Establishment, 252 George Street, CBD.

Bar food and European is on themenu of this restaurant at Victoria Street, Darlinghurst. With an excellent range in the full bar, the bar is theperfect combination of dining and enjoyment. Priced only at $60 a couple, it is the most pocket-friendly eatery with love for life.

But when it comes to food, it isn't the opinion of the crowd that matters, it’s yours. So head out into the streets while fine-dining through the courses. 

Monday, 22 August 2016

Sydney : Property Auctions Rebooted

Boom-time buyer impetus has returned enthusiastically to Sydney, with the auction market giving a remarkable result at the weekend, fully charged by lesser interest rates and flooding investors.

Sydney recorded its greatest weekend clearance amount in more than a year and the 2nd successive weekend spike since the Reserve Bank thought to cut interest amount to a record low 1.5% a week ago.

The 82.8% outcome was higher than the 79.4% recorded the past weekend and above the 79.7% recorded on the same weekend previous year.

Relatively fewer auction numbers continue to add to high clearance amounts, with firm competition among potential clients for available properties. Although the 471 auctions listed on Saturday were greater than the past weekend’s 394, numbers stayed well below the 727 auctioned on the same weekend previous year.

Regional outcomes were remarkably persistent, with every area sharing in the booming market.

The upper north bank recorded the greatest clearance amount at 88.9% and the highest sales at 48. This was followed by the lower north shore at 87.5%, the south at 86.3%, the northern beaches at 84.4%, the central coast at 83.3%, the northwest at 81.8%, the inner west at 81.1%, Canterbury Banks t
own at 79.3%, the west at 78.3%, the southwest at 77.8 %and the city and east with a clearance amount of 77.1%.

Sydney recorded a middle auction price of $1,020,500 on Saturday, which was below the $1,191,000 recorded the past weekend. Saturday’s median was also 5.5% lesser than the $1,080,500 recorded on the same weekend previous year. A total of $290.9 million was reported sold at auction in Sydney at the weekend.