Thursday, 8 September 2016

Sydney : 7 things to do in winter

Sydney : 7 things to do in winter
Australia is one of the cool places in the world where Christmas is hot and Fourth of July is cold. Famous for its summer Christmas and sweet winters let's check out 7 places to visit while you bask in the glory of white.

1. Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach Walk
Cold days and the sun, the ultimate combo. Take long walks from one beach to another and enjoy the winter.
2. Explore Newtown's Street Art
Winter in Sydney means events and exhibitions. Check some art out.
3. Shop at Paddy's Markets
Shopping. Who wouldn't love that?? Find yourself shopping at Paddy's where nothing is "not on sale"
4. Bar Hop your way through The Rocks
The rocks are picturesque. And more than that it is just the place to sit down with a cup of hot chocolate and looking at the horizon.
4. Spend a day in the Blue Mountains
Mountains and Cold, just my type of hangout.
6. Taronga Zoo
A zoo full of buzz year round, Taronga sees increased footfalls in winter as a huge number of people are out for it.
7. Chill out in the Botanic Gardens
Royal botanic gardens are famous. Immensely. Pack a lunch or just ask one of the top restaurants on the streets around Botanical Garden and sit squat in winter.
Awesome places, awesome mood. Head outside and put the muffs off. The Cold won't bother you anyway.

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