Sunday, 18 December 2016

How to conquer yourself?

What I want to say with The main problem in today’s world is the competition that is no healthier at all. Everyone is in fast pace, in fast pace to achieve something, in fast pace to achieve the goals, in fast pace to get something, in fast pace... well the fast pace term doesn’t have any end.

These lines that we all are so much indulge in the work to achieve something that we have forgotten to conquer ourselves. We are now, no more behind our dreams, we are just running from it because we fear the failure and doesn’t want to face the situation, when we fail. It’s the bitter truth that we all know, we are so much scared of the failure that we have forgotten that this is not us, who is following the trend of earning high, we have just become like an animal, which just follow the rest, which is not at all good. Why we fear failure, why don't we think that the amount we are earning, we deserve more than this and even can go for it; once we follow our passion.
Life is neither so big nor so small, so never think that the time has gone and you can’t conquer yourself. Every morning brings the positive energy, so feel it, as the sun rises everyday rise like it, enlighten the world with your impeccable thoughts and work and always shine like star. Never ever think it’s too late because it’s too late.    

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