Friday, 2 December 2016

What Happens When Disputes Comes

What happens often that we feel our relationship will not last long anymore? Have we ever wondered our slight negligence can make our young and dear ones to stay away from us? In the proceeding and developing life, we all are busy, quite busy, isn’t it? On the stage of life, we all are performers, who plays different roles at various moments, sometimes we are brother and sister, sometimes Mom and Dad, sometimes a friends and sometimes… the word sometimes doesn’t have any end then why we see end of many relations? Can we predict the fact behind this ordeal weather? Can we imagine ourselves sitting in one place calmly and in composed manner and thinking the reason behind our broken relationship? I guess no, in the busy slated life, no one is so free to think about their mistakes and also to reconcile. Which is always leading to loneliness and insecurity? Why we don’t we sit for a moment to correct everything, are we such a coward, who doesn’t wish to admit its mistakes and wants to stay alone? Are we?

Is it that our insensitivity is making us to stay apart from our loved ones, if yes then the time has now arrived to knock the door of meditation. Try to meet the counsellors, talk to them share your problem and find the correct suggestion. Many times these small disputes in family give birth to great fissures, so don't let this thing come to your life. Just seek for the help because none of us love to stay alone.

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