Saturday, 24 December 2016

Child Abuse

Today, I want to talk about a very sensitive topic and that is the child abuse and molestation. When it comes to home, people say that their children are always safe at home but friends its nothing like that. Most of the children are very unsafe at home. I don't say that every home is having the unsafe children but I would definitely say that out of 10 homes in 7 homes the children are unsafe.

Nobody say that I have committed a crime and its very hard for any parent to predict, who can commit this crime but friends, in a recent survey it was found that the relatives and the people with who we are close are the only people, who go for committing such crime. This crime not only destroys a Childs life but also make the child to grow up with a fear.

Most importantly, what you have to do is to make open forum in front of your children about the sexual information. We also need to tell the children about the good and the bad touch. Allow then to be outspoken about such activities because most often it was found that children hesitate to talk about such things to their parents. They don't wish to share about such things and they get in cob web of this brutal act.

So, if you are really careful about this topic then just talk to your children and make them aware about it. Also, persuade the children that they should be frank with you, so that they don't hesitate to talk about this thing.

Before this New Year arrive just make your children comfortable enough with you.

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