Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Life at Sydney: What Sydney has for us?

Being a Sydneysider doesn’t only mean having a residence in Sydney, it means experiencing the numerous wonders the city offers you every day. So, here we give you a small glimpse of life in Sydney.
So in our first instalment, we’ll tell you the amazements that the city brings to the Sydneysiders every day. Be it food, climate or the people, everything about the city makes living here worthwhile.
It’s an undeniable fact that the image of Sydney that comes to most of the people’s mind is its famous sail-shaped Opera House, with the Harbour Bridge at its back. What can be more wonderful than living in the city itself where you can visit these places anytime you want?
Apart from this, the city is also known for its beautiful beaches. Some of the familiar names are Tamarama, Coogee, Bronte and of course the famous Bondi Beach, but the list has many more names. You may enjoy surfing at these beaches. Even if you don’t like surfing, you can enjoy activities like beach volleyball, boating, swimming or simply relaxing in the soft white sand. And then there are of course the refreshing beach parties. Even if you’re an art lover, all you need to do is to take a stroll from Bondi to Coogee and you’ll find what is called “Sculptures by the Sea” eye pleasing artworks by locals.

There’s a lot more that the city offers you. For having more insight into the life of Sydneysiders, keep the following Life at Sydney and Jackie Waterhouse’s blog.

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