Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Architectural Wonders of Sydney

We have heard of the Sydney Opera House; claimed as one of the 7 wonders all over the world. But there are other adorable and commendable architectural pieces in Sydney.
Not only contemporary architecture but there are some amazingly striking constructions that have been influenced by some world’s classic architectural styles. 

Some impressive pieces of arts are listed below:

·       Former Nineveh Club, Edensor ParkIt is a replica of the old Assyrian royal palace. It is built in faux mud brick. There are two winged bull statues; the body is of the lion and head of the Assyrian king, at the entrance.

·       Vat Khemarangsaram Cambodian Buddhist Temple, BonnyriggThis is a typical traditional Khmer Buddhist temple. It is on the top of the hills from where it’s ornate gilded roof and column telamons never misses the sight of travelers.

·       Gallipoli Mosque, AuburnThis is built in Ottoman style Mosques which is found in all over Turkey. Its specialty is the big central dome and thin, tall minarets supporting it.

·       NSW Art gallery, Sydney It was designed by the government architect Walter Vernon, which remains as the most striking and impressive piece of classical architecture in Sydney. With its neo-classical 6 Ionic columns and portico, it is a kind of Classical Greek fa├žade.

·       Russian Old Orthodox Church of the Holy Annunciation, Assumption, Lidcombe The ornamented golden domes glitters which give an impression of the replica of a traditional Russian Church.

·       Holland House, Smithfield – It gives the sight of a large ceiling Dutch house. It is the oasis of all Dutch things.

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