Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Real Estate-Online Marketing

As the demand for commercial real estate is growing in 2016, here is some advice how to top the competition in real estate industry.

The website-

 A user-friendly website – it is important to have a website that can be optimized for different platforms (Windows, Android, and iOS) and devices (Desktops, Mobiles, and Tablets)

 Keep your blog active – your company blog is the perfect marketing device that has a huge impact on social media visibility, search engines and the place to begin conversing with potential clients.

 Update local market reports – include data like rent prices, vacancy data, rentable square footage and other transactions.

 Upload videos – marketing videos attract visitors and do better publicity of your company.

Online Marketing

 Get a LinkedIn account – it is an important link for a business. It consists of information about almost every professional in real estate. It offers marketing through the discussion board, search options, and blogging.

 Focus on targeted advertisements with Google - Programmed advertisements makes you display your services in particular locations with retargeted advertising for people visiting your website.

 Submit guest content – this technique is useful. It lets you gain exposure by having your name and brand on new and large websites and attaches a powerful link to  your website. By this, you can attract traffic to your site.

 Create great quality content - You need to have exceptionally well-written blogs, articles, HD videos and infographics displaying interesting content that captures attention from viewer visiting your website.

Online marketing strategies are becoming popular nowadays but your offline strategies should not be ignored, it should remain a core part of your business. Mixing both can give you great profits.

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